The violations and the respective actions taken against them are detailed below in our Player Abuse Policy. The Player Abuse Policy is just a guideline used by our Game Masters (GMs), and stricter penalties may be given as deemed necessary by a GM.

When a player has received disciplinary action, they may file one Customer Support ticket appealing this action. At this point, a final judgment is made by the GMs and will not be reversed. 

Please note that we reserve the right to change this Player Abuse Policy at any time without any prior notice. Additionally, please take note that the duration of the disciplinary action is based on the severity of the violation.

If you suspect your account has been banned and you would like to appeal the disciplinary action, please file a ticket through our Support page.

Policy Violation Examples**

Participating in the following activities will result in disciplinary action. At GM discretion, such discipline may go up to and include a Permanent Ban from our game.

** Definitions include, but are not limited to, these examples.